You are currently viewing Dr Luke Evans and Councillor Richard Allen visit to UK Veterans Hearing Help

Dr Luke Evans and Councillor Richard Allen visit to UK Veterans Hearing Help

Dr Luke Evans and Councillor Richard Allen visit to UK Veterans Hearing Help

Sam and Ben took the opportunity of inviting Dr Luke Evans prospective MP for Bosworth and Hinckley and Councillor Richard Allen to the prestigious office of UK Veterans Hearing Help (UKVHH) where they took the opportunity of giving an in-depth overview of how we are currently assisting Veterans with a hearing loss resulting from military Service. Both Sam and Ben were able to show actual successes and the number of Veterans currently being cared for by the team which is in excess of over 2000.

An extremely impressed Luke Evans said “It was a pleasure to meet with Sam and Ben who are clearly passionate about helping veterans with their hearing difficulty. Their energy and commitment to improving veterans lives is inspiring and I wish them luck. I look forward to raising their achievements with the new Government Veterans Department in the hope that more ex-service men and women can benefit from improved care.”

Sam took the opportunity of explaining to Luke that it is common knowledge that the current funding provided by the Royal British Legion will very shortly cease however, this has not taken away the enthusiasm and dedication to continue with helping Veterans with a hearing loss on their journey to a better quality of life. Sam further committed that charitable status will soon be obtained and, with the high number of Veterans still awaiting funding, UKVHH will, without question, do their utmost to ensure that they are not disappointed with the possible loss of funding from the RBL. Already UKVHH has approached other major Service charities and organisations offering a much more streamline service, a ‘working together environment’ and more importantly, a way forward that can benefit both the charities and their Veterans.

The visit proved to be a great success and gave Luke and Richard a better understanding of how Sam and her team are working towards a greater future for Veterans and their families.

Dr Luke Evans & Councillor Richard Allen Visit

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