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How Our Online Shop Has A Big Impact…

Helping. Healing. Caring.

Here at the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation, we have been successful in launching our very own Online Charity Shop, where 100% of the funds raised is put into supporting our veterans and their journeys with us.

To give back to the people that have put themselves out there fighting for our country, the Online Shop is so proud to contribute to providing our veterans with accessing first class hearing assessments, hearing aids/equipment along with after care service, including:

  • Hearing
  • Tinnitus
  • Mental health

Seeing that with every purchase made, means further support to veterans, is incredible. Knowing that the Online Shop is assisting in giving them a part of their life back and improving their quality of life in a civilian environment, is why we do it, that’s why we work hard so that every penny counts!

We have various different success stories of our veterans that we have proudly aided with our services and support, worldwide! Have a read through the heart-warming stories to see how much we have made a difference & changed lives for the better: UK Veterans Hearing Foundation Success Stories

The Online Shop

For a sense of familiarity and relevance, we wanted the Online Shop to correlate with the Foundation by using the theme colours of navy & deep red. Likewise, ensuring the website looks neat and smart is essential, along with being easily accessible, and we are delighted to of created a website showing this.

Continuing with quality, all the clothing donations that we receive are looked over to ensure they comply with our standards, as we want the best for our audience. Some of the clothing donations come with precious memories that are treasured, but now are looking to be re-loved to create more joyous memories for someone new, which we think is special. Included in our fabulous range:

  • Dresses
    • Summer Dresses
    • Cocktail Dresses
    • Prom Dresses
    • Wedding Dresses
    • Vintage Dresses

Men & Women:

    • Evening/Formal Wear
    • Suits & Blazers
    • Two/Three Piece Sets
    • Coats/Jackets
    • Country Wear
    • Shoes
    • Accessories

Combined with items being competitively priced, all clothing is sterilised or professionally dry cleaned prior to being sent to the customer for added freshness. Here at the Online Shop, we could not be prouder to help raise funds for our veterans requiring our Foundations support.

We are incredibly grateful for every purchase so far & our customers joining us on our journey towards a world where our heroes don’t have to suffer in silence, and can live the quality of life they deserve.

Take a look at our website that we are proud of: UK Veterans Hearing Foundation Online Shop

So to conclude all the above, we are looking forward to continuing the growth of our Online Charity Shop, and watching more and more veterans receive the help & support they need and deserve…

We couldn’t do this without our audiences generosity,

so we thank you all!

The UKVHF & Online Charity Shop Teams