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Message From The CEO Of UK Veterans Hearing Help Sam Bennett

This came about due to me finding a really interesting piece of research by the BRITISH LEGION about the VETERANS HEARING FUND and also compensation from the MOD.


LOST VOICES is an interesting piece of research by the ROYAL BRITISH LEGION and is a report on hearing problems among service personnel and veterans.  It’s a lengthy piece of writing and needs to be to explain the hearing problems caused by service in the forces, and the repercussions to the veterans life once their service is complete.  The RBL make certain recommendations to the Government suggesting that better quality hearing aids are offered to all serviceman other than NHS supply which is deemed not adequate for this type of loss and supporting the veteran in their future workplace or homelife. The research also discusses compensation for harm caused by their service and investment into research on hearing loss.

We spoke to leading solicitors in this field, Hugh James solicitors with regards to compensation for servicemen and veterans.  They advised us that many claims do not succeed and the veteran thinks that that is the end of their right to a claim. However Simon from Hugh James advised that they have extensive experience in this field and can advise on more complex issues ie hearing loss., and even if you have made a claim and failed, you can still try again with Hugh James who look at your claim in a different way from other solicitors.  Simon was really positive about their outcomes, although lengthy, they have a really good success rate.

No win, No Fee!

May 15th 1987 is the date to remember.  On and after this date it is possible to claim against the Ministry of Defence for illness and injury relating to time served in Her Majestys Armed Forces.

Hugh James work under a Conditional Fee Agreement which is no win no fee, with compensation made up of general damages and special damages and to me, that’s the difference!  I have only known solicitors go for general damages and from what I can see it’s the special damages that can be claimed for again if the veterans first attempt at a claim has failed.  Also if the veteran has failed a WPS/AFC a civil claim is able to be put forward so taking legal advice is very important.

I was also advised that there were time limits on the veterans ability to make a claim, however, this may not be the case, as the court can be asked to waive the deadline and allow the claim to proceed out of time although with no guarantees!

Solicitors will approach these cases in different ways, but Hugh James  specialise in military claims and have successfully dealt with a number of cases previously turned down by other solicitors so the answer is if you are not sure if you have a claim take legal advice.

LOST VOICES is a great read and shows the work done in the background by the RBL to help veterans with solid research and advice.  Please follow the link for more information.