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Otolaryngologist putting hearing aid in man's ear in hospital

Sponsor the hearing of a Veteran

Fitting a veteran with a hearing aid is a life-changing action not for one day but for the lifespan of the hearing aids which can be several years.

A hearing loss caused by noise in their service can leave a veteran isolated in everyday life with:

  • Difficulty holding a one to one conversation which is made worse in a noisy environment can be tremendously isolating and confidence destroying, potentially making the veteran isolate themselves and with isolation comes depression and feelings of low worth.
  • Watching TV with the family as the veteran will need it much louder than the family basically forcing them out of the room, when it is important for the family to be involved together with the changes the veteran is going through in other areas of their life, home is the one place that hopefully will be consistent.
  • The transition from armed forces service to working in a civilian environment with a hearing loss immediately puts the veteran at a disadvantage in an environment where they are capable of excelling and competing for the next promotion.

So, help us help a veteran from the Armed Services and become a Friend of the Foundation.

1 payment 2 life-changing solutions for 2 veterans.

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