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Thank You Veterans’ Foundation

Once again the Veterans’ Foundation have funded the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation to help Veterans with their hearing, associated tinnitus and mental health.
Since becoming a registered charity we have been doing nothing but fight for our veterans, We still need much more funding in order to get through all the applications we have received whilst still being the UK Veterans Hearing Help.
Every piece of funding means EVERYTHING to us to enable us to support the veterans who are in need of our service.
We have already achieved some fantastic success stories, and grown the charity in a short time with the support from the Veterans’ Foundation.
This funding has allowed us to be successful in:
1. Fitting more veterans with top of the range hearing aids/equipment
2. Supporting tinnitus pathways that benefit the Veteran
3. Producing outcomes outlining the veteran’s mental health results once their hearing has been resolved
5.Launching an online charity shop for self funding
We aim to keep working hard and pushing forward for our Veterans in all ways possible, we thank everyone who supports us in any way, from a donation, buying an item from the online shop, grant awards, a share of our social media, it all helps to make awareness and grow the charity, but most importantly to help and give back to our veterans.