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UK Veterans Hearing Help at The Victory Show 2018

We had a fantastic weekend at The Victory Show 2018! It was an absolute pleasure to meet so many veterans and hear their amazing stories. 

With historical societies and re-enactments throughout the day to watching the breathtaking  WWII aircraft perform just above us. Getting up close to the 1940’s static farming machinery and military tanks in full working order, seeing how they work and being amazed at how big they actually are in person.

The fantastic atmosphere throughout the show and over the full weekend- Also an added bonus with the sun shining!

We enjoying meeting and greeting some amazing people with astonishing background stories who have started their journey with UK Veterans Hearing Help- We look forward to guiding them through their full experience with us.

Mr. Burt Ellis (side) came to see us at the victory show last year and began his application with UK Veterans Hearing Help. Fully fitted with top of the range hearing aids, he came over to have a lovely chat with Vickie and Ben at the weekend and said how well he is getting on with the aids!